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B42 (TF48) Index Round Collet

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$177.00 - $246.00 USD

Overall Length 3.688" (93.68mm)
Back Bearing Diameter 1.889" (48mm)
Head Angle 14° 50'
Collet Range .008" to 1.657" (.20mm to 42.09mm)
Machine Type Star
Type Swiss
Order Hole Shape Round
Style TF48 / B42 Index
Material Steel

B42 (TF48) Index Collet 1-5/8" Round Serrated
Same as TF48

Hardinge Swiss-type collets are ground to precise size and TIR to meet precision machining requirements with a standard accuracy that rivals the industry. B42 Index Round Collet is a Workholding for Hardinges product lines that comprise of Style B Stationary Dead Length Collet Adaptation Chucks

Precision Manufacturing in Elmira, NY

All the workholding you need for Swiss turning can be ordered from one reliable source:

  • Headstock Collets
  • Pickoff Collets
  • Carbide Guide Bushing
  • Bar Loader Collets
  • Custom Manufacturing

Dedicated teams and work cells manufacture to rigid specifications including material and heat treatment, with a process control that leads the industry. Every collet and guide bushing is inspected on a Hardinge SUPERPRECISION® (.000015" TIR) headstock before reaching the stock room.

Top-of-the-line machine tools and highly-skilled machinists provide exceptional productivity and accuracy. Wire and Ram (EDM) Electrical Discharge Machines produce custom collet shapes, stepped-holes and extended-nose pickoff collets.

Hardinge staffs a team of custom workholding engineers, phone correspondents and support staff, along with dedicated manufacturing cells, for fast and accurate turnaround to meet your custom Swiss turning requirements.

Hardinge and Citizen Machinery America Inc. have partnered to provide overgrip collets and adaptive guide bushings that will add flexibility to the machine and save money in the shop.

California Residents

WARNING: product can expose you to chemicals, such as lead, including one or more listed chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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